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2020 Facebook University Ranking New


What are the most popular Mongolian Universities on Facebook? EduListing tries to answer this question by publishing the 2020 Facebook University Ranking of all Mongolian higher-education institutions on Facebook meeting the following EduListing selection criteria:

  • being chartered, licensed and/or accredited by the appropriate Mongolian higher education-related organization
  • offering at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) or postgraduate degrees (master or doctoral degrees)
  • delivering courses predominantly in a traditional, face-to-face, non-distance education format

Mongolian Universities on Facebook

Rank University Likes
1 Mongolian National University Mongolian National University's Facebook page 100,978
2 Otgontenger University Otgontenger University's Facebook page 88,690
3 Gegee College Gegee College's Facebook page 61,670
4 The Ikh Zasag University The Ikh Zasag University's Facebook page 56,458
5 National University of Mongolia National University of Mongolia's Facebook page 45,396
6 Etugen University Etugen University's Facebook page 38,039
7 Citi University Citi University's Facebook page 33,373
8 University of Finance and Economics University of Finance and Economics's Facebook page 32,857
9 Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences's Facebook page 32,004
10 Institute of Engineering and Technology Institute of Engineering and Technology's Facebook page 31,551
11 Global Leadership University Global Leadership University's Facebook page 31,055
12 International University of Ulaanbaatar International University of Ulaanbaatar's Facebook page 25,794
13 Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture's Facebook page 24,351
14 Mandakh University Mandakh University's Facebook page 23,590
15 Orkhon University Orkhon University's Facebook page 22,622
16 Mongolian State University of Education Mongolian State University of Education's Facebook page 21,255
17 Ulaanbaatar State University Ulaanbaatar State University's Facebook page 21,031
18 Tsetsee Goun Institute of Management Tsetsee Goun Institute of Management's Facebook page 20,291
19 Mongolian University of Life Sciences Mongolian University of Life Sciences's Facebook page 18,680
20 The Institute of International Studies The Institute of International Studies's Facebook page 16,620
21 New Medicine Institute New Medicine Institute's Facebook page 12,978
22 Otoch Manramba University Otoch Manramba University's Facebook page 12,659
23 University of the Humanities University of the Humanities's Facebook page 12,002
24 Transportation Institute Transportation Institute's Facebook page 11,877
25 Ach Medical University Ach Medical University's Facebook page 11,147
26 Mongolian State Conservatory Mongolian State Conservatory's Facebook page 10,206
27 Ulaanbaatar-Erdem University Ulaanbaatar-Erdem University's Facebook page 7,998
28 Seruuleg Institute Seruuleg Institute's Facebook page 7,976
29 Mongolia International University Mongolia International University's Facebook page 5,985
30 Avarga Institute Avarga Institute's Facebook page 5,409
31 Mongolian University of Science and Technology Mongolian University of Science and Technology's Facebook page 5,085
32 National Technical University National Technical University's Facebook page 5,021
33 Language and Civilisation Institute Language and Civilisation Institute's Facebook page 4,966
34 Dornod University Dornod University's Facebook page 4,456
35 Institute of International Economics and Business Institute of International Economics and Business's Facebook page 4,315
36 Setguulch Institute Setguulch Institute's Facebook page 3,982
37 Gazarchin University of Mongolia Gazarchin University of Mongolia's Facebook page 3,674
38 Mongolian National Institute of Physical Education Mongolian National Institute of Physical Education's Facebook page 3,096
39 Soyol-Erdem College Soyol-Erdem College's Facebook page 2,777
40 Shine Irgenshil Institute Shine Irgenshil Institute's Facebook page 2,079
41 School of Agroecology and Business School of Agroecology and Business's Facebook page 2,030
42 Zasagt Khan Institute Zasagt Khan Institute's Facebook page 1,642
43 Chinggis Khaan Institute Chinggis Khaan Institute's Facebook page 1,331
44 Tushee Institute Tushee Institute's Facebook page 1,239
45 Mongol Institute Mongol Institute's Facebook page 1,200
46 Sutai Institute Sutai Institute's Facebook page 1,115
47 Tenger Institute Tenger Institute's Facebook page 1,070
48 Enerel Medical Institute Enerel Medical Institute's Facebook page 781

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